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Picture Library

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Our Motion Picture Stock Shot collection covers:
Agriculture of the 40s and 50s, harvesting, dairy farming, sheep, cattle, hop pickers, shows

Aircraft from bi-planes to jets.

Buses,Trolleybuses and Coaches of the 50s and 60s.

Docks in the ports of Bristol, Dover, Gloucester, Hull, London and Southampton.

Music - Blues, classical

Natural History - British Butterflies.

People at work and play, from children to pensioners.

Places Britain and Europe from the 50s onwards.

Railways in Britain and France. Trains - Steam to Eurostar.

Shipping from classic ferries to container ships and ocean liners.

Trams (Street Cars) in Britain and Europe, old and new

Waterways are well covered, during the transitional years from commercial to pleasure uses.

Shot list

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We supply stills from our extensive library for a variety of media.

Let us help you to search for a particular image,e-mail your requirements now.

All our library material is available under non-exclusive licence for broadcast and other commercial uses.

Our Stills Images can be transmitted as jpeg or tiff files via floppy disc or over the internet.

Sample subjects include:



Buses,Trolleybuses and Coaches

Clouds and skies

Natural History


Places .


Shipping .




Sound Library

We have a tape library of sound effects from the 1950s to the 1990s. The collection includes sounds associated with the picture subjects listed above.

Sound Recording

Our recording team are available to record your concert or recital or make a demonstration disc for you. We are also experienced in classical music radio production .

E-mail Iestyn Reesnow with your requirements. You will find our service very adaptable and competitive.

Sound Restoration

We have experience of restoring a wide variety of sound carriers from shellac discs and wires, to tapes both analogue and digital. We give pragmatic advice on restoration and archiving sound recordings. Even if your tape springs out of its box on opening and is covered in white mould it is not beyond our abilities to restore it.

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Film Restoration

We have experience of restoring a wide variety of film formats. We can transfer film in poor condition to new film stock and/or digital and video media.

Editing and Authoring

We can edit your films and video and author DVDs for you at out of town prices.