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Rate Card

Below are rates per second for the most used categories. If you want a rate for a different category email us at or telephone 01427 678169

Film/Video (mute) and Stills (minimum charge 30 seconds)Repeats charged at 100%

  • Television
    • UK region terrestrial broadcast, valid 5 years £3
    • UK terrestrial broadcast, valid 5 years £6
    • Europe (inc UK), valid 5 years £9
    • World (in perpetuity) £12
    • Internet download (in perpetuity) £6
  • Corporate Video £3
  • Feature Film/TV Commercial/ Music Video £24

Audio 33.3% of the above rates

Viewing Copy Charge

  • No charge for viewing via YouTube

Sub-Master Copies per 15 minutes or part thereof £50.
Turnaround time typically 3 working days.

Files are nomally sent via WeTransfer.

We charge extra for panics!

In case of difficulty e-mail us at or phone 01427 678169