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New for September

Music from the Proms 2014

The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts held over  eight weeks from July to September is London's biggest annual music festival. Visit our Proms page where we list music being performed this year that is available from us.

New from iTunes

Many music lovers miss the sound from vinyl pressings. Many others have yet to discover how pleasant the sound can be. Most of our albums are mastered from vinyl LP pressings and earlier recordings (before 1953) from 78 rpm discs. It is our ability to recreate, in the digital age, the sound from the disc era that many of our customers find most enjoyable.

Unlike modern digital recordings tracks in our albums do contain some distortion, and the occasional surface noises, but for many listeners these "defects" are soon forgotten.

Ivor Novello - I can give you the starlight


Music of france volume 3


Music of France Volume 4


The art of carlo maria giulini


Johann Strauss Die Fledermaus itunes
Russian Masters Volume 6


"Reissue of the Month"

"Frager had a reputation for his Prokofiev, but this recording of Piano Concerto No.2 seems not to have been released in the UK, though recorded by Decca engineers for RCA and nominated for a Grammy. Cyprès released a 12-CD set of winners of the Queen Elisabeth Competition which included this same concerto, differently accompanied. I understand that the transfer was made from a mint copy of a US LP; it certainly sounds good and does justice to one of the best performances ever of this concerto. The Seasons is delectable music...and the Beulah transfer of the John Culshaw recording has been well made." Brian Wilson at Music Web International
russian masters volunme 7


Tckaikovsky's Art 1


Tckaikovsky's Art 2 itunes
Tckaikovsky's Art 3


"Some of these are available elsewhere, but less conveniently coupled: for example, the David Oistrakh Violin Concerto forms part of a DG Originals 2-CD set with Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Here that classic recording receives the usual excellent Beulah transfer. There’s no hiding its dated source: it doesn’t open out as recordings of only a few years later did, but that didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of this old friend.

."If the Beulah coupling appeals, go for it. I was particularly interested to hear Sir Adrian Boult’s lively account of the String Serenade ... Sometimes I think Boult is a little too fast but that’s better than a wallowing over-emotional approach to Tchaikovsky; this is a serenade after all, not a symphony and the Elegy receives plenty of emotional weight. The 1937 78 sound has transferred very well – thinner than the Violin Concerto but perfectly tolerable: can it really be that old? Together they make Volume 3 well worthwhile." ." Brian Wilson at Music Web International
Tckaikovsky's Art 4 itunes

What the Critics Say

The following are reveiws by Brian Wilson at Music Web International
Beethoven symphony number 1 and piano concerto number 1 leonore overture number 1


"The Cluytens recording of the symphony has already appeared on Beulah 24-27BX82 – 2013/13. I liked it then and I like it now – never attempting to make the work sound more ‘advanced’ in Beethoven’s development than it is.

Anda’s Beethoven always competed with Kempff – in mono with van Kempen and in stereo with Leitner – and was regularly judged to have won the contest, though even Kempff’s mono recording sounded better. Beulah have done their best with the sound and, though it’s somewhat raw, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the performance. If you have a favourite recent recording, this would make a fine adjunct."
Beethoven symphony number 2 and piano concerto number 2


"I liked the symphony when Beulah released it on its own on 19-22BX82 – November 2011/1 – and I still do. The sound remains very viable but, of course, that of the classic Backhaus recording of the Piano Concerto inevitably sounds thinner, though the transfer is as clean as I have come to expect from Beulah. If you can do without the concerto, go for the earlier reissue of the symphony, but Backhaus and Krauss made for a very special partnership in this work and the recording is more than tolerable – probably better than it sounded in bogus ‘stereo’ on a Decca Eclipse LP in 1970. Back in 1953, when the concerto first appeared on ten-inch LX3083, MM averred that the millennium would occur when such a standard became the norm. In terms of recording quality that happened long ago but, alas, the same cannot always be said of more recent performances. "
Beethoven symphony number 3 and piano concerto number 3


"I reviewed Cluytens’ Eroica when it was released on Beulah 28-31BX82 – 2013/13. If you want a dramatic performance of the same vintage you need Klemperer, but Cluytens is your man if you prefer a performance which emphasises the beauty of the music.

Annie Fischer’s recording of the concerto is an old favourite – I owned it on a budget Heliodor recording, one of the very few genuine stereo recordings on that label at the time, and it remains one of my favourite versions. In the Beulah transfer the sound is a trifle thin by comparison with today’s best but it’s no great problem. "
Beethoven piano concerto number 4 symphony number 4


"I enjoyed Cluytens’ account of the symphony when it appeared separately – 2011/1 – but it’s better value now.

Regis have also transferred the Gilels/Ludwig recording of the Concerto along with the same performers in No.5 (RRC1367 – review – review). I liked the performances but noted the rather hard piano tone and some end-of-side distortion: there’s even a degree of surface swish if you listen on headphones, so there was scope for Beulah to do better, as is indeed the case. Both have been transferred from LP but the Beulah has been done with more care and does more justice to the authoritative performance. "
Beethoven symphony number 6 and piano sonata no 29


"The Pastoral remains available on its own on 8-10BX82. I liked that release – February 2011 – but it’s better value in its new guise with the Hammerklavier Sonata thrown in for good measure. The sonata inevitably sounds dated but the transfer of this legendary performance has otherwise been well managed."
Beethove mendelssohn and Bruch violin concertos


"The Beethoven first appeared on HMV’s lower-price Concert Classics label but that in no way reflects the quality of the performance or recording. With the Classics for Pleasure CD reissue no longer available, this is well worth having.

The Mendelssohn and Bruch first appeared on Capitol and were later also reissued on Concert Classics when they were justly praised by Trevor Harvey. Now Beulah offer an economical way to obtain fine performances of these three concertos."
Bohm conducts mozart


" In reviewing Klemperer and Beecham in Mozart on Beulah I mentioned that Böhm’s recordings from that period have dated less than most. I liked Beulah’s earlier well-transferred release of Böhm’s Jupiter on 10-13BX133 – 2013/3 – and the new album is also attractive for anyone wishing to sample Böhm’s traditional Mozart at its best, but who doesn’t want one of the multi-disc DG reissues. It’s now also a better option price-wise than the separate Jupiter."
Rimsky korsafov master orchestrator


" Ansermet’s earlier (1948) recording of Scheherazade with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra is available ... Though some prefer that recording, it’s generally agreed, not least by me, that the stereo remake was preferable both as a performance and in recording quality and it remains competitive, especially when the principal rivals from roughly the same time – Reiner on RCA and Monteux (Decca) – are imprisoned in the modern craze for bumper boxes."

Violin greats


"These are all performances worth perpetuating and they come in Beulah’s usual high-quality transfers.  It’s not without reason that Oistrakh’s Bach and his recording of the Beethoven Romances were included in DG’s Legendary Recordings box."

Last MonthBeethoven nine symphonies

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