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Many music lovers miss the sound from vinyl pressings. Many others have yet to discover how pleasant the sound can be. Most of our albums are mastered from vinyl LP pressings and earlier recordings (before 1953) from 78 rpm discs. It is our ability to recreate, in the digital age, the sound from the disc era that many of our customers find most enjoyable.

Unlike modern digital recordings tracks in our albums do contain some distortion, and the occasional surface noises, but for many listeners these "defects" are soon forgotten.

twentieth century classics vol 1


European music for wind band


2 friends grainger and delius

Coming soon

beecham conducts delius

Coming soon

Sir john barbriolli symphonies volume 1 beethoven and mahler symphonies number 1

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music of france vol 5


What the Critics Say

The following are reveiws by Brian Wilson at Music Web International

music of england vol 8


"Solomon’s recording of the Bliss – he usually omitted his surname – is extremely valuable. He was the soloist at the premiere in New York in 1939, the recording of which has been reissued on APR5627. Sir Adrian Boult was the conductor there as on the Beulah reissue, but both he and Solomon seem even more at home with the Liverpool Phil and the 1939 sound, as streamed from Qobuz, is rather dim and swishy. The 1943 recording, justly hailed as a magnificent achievement by AR in Gramophone, in July 1943, blasts a little at the opening – I recommend turning down the volume somewhat – but soon settles down in this very good Beulah transfer."

"Barbirolli’s beautiful arrangement of music by Purcell with a prominent part for his wife, Evelyn Rothwell, is not available on the Barbirolli Society’s own series of CD reissues, so its inclusion here is very welcome."

"The Pritchard recording of the Ritual Dances – the only part of The Midsummer Marriage likely to appeal to a wider audience – is a classic recording which still sounds very well in this transfer." "

music of england vol 9


"I haven’t yet heard the new Hallé recording of Elgar’s Sea Pictures , so my benchmark remains Dame Janet Baker, whose wonderful recording with Sir John Barbirolli is enough to make the listener forget the banality of Lady Elgar’s words. I began to listen to Gladys Ripley with a degree of trepidation – pre-Baker contraltos, including, I regret to say, Kathleen Ferrier, were mostly given to plumminess – but I enjoyed hearing this recording and intend to return to this very good transfer, especially as I’m not allowed to play the Cello Concerto which is coupled with the Baker/Barbiolli recording – my better half finds Jacqueline du Pré too intense to bear. At first I thought the performance a little understated but soon changed my mind. I always thought George Weldon somewhat under-rated, especially in Elgar and this recording confirms that impression: his recording of Cockaigne, Serenade for Strings, and other works would still be worth reissuing" (Beulah intend to release these in 2016)

"I was surprised to find the Delius Idyll which followed musically somewhat diffuse and something of an anti-climax after the Elgar, but it and the other works also receive very fine performances – especially the VW, of which this is a classic version but not, I think, otherwise available." "

kenneth alford the british march king itunes

" ‘Kenneth J. Alford’ was the pen-name of Warrant Officer, later Major, Frederick Joseph Ricketts, a skilful and prolific composer of military music, which Beulah have made something of a speciality. "

"Many of the performances are authoritative – directed by Alford himself, under his real name and, though the older recordings sound their age, they are mostly perfectly tolerable, especially as surface noise is almost totally inaudible without any loss of upper frequencies. Track 5, By Land and Sea , is rather wheezy: try sampling it from Qobuz and if you can tolerate it the rest should be all right. "

"I’m listening and writing this review immediately after the two-minute silence on Remembrance Sunday and the music sets the mood ideally. It’s a mark of Alford’s distinction that most rival recordings of his music are performed by US military bands. "

smetana ma vlast


"I have heard some very thin-sounding transfers of these classic performances over the years but this Beulah release makes it sound almost as good as Supraphon’s own or the Naxos Historical and thus better than any other that I know. Supraphon and Naxos perhaps shave off more of the brightness from the top but the Beulah sound is more than acceptable. Naxos lose some of the treble in taming the top – slightly muddy instead of slightly glassy – but both Beulah and Naxos transfer from LP, which means that the cut in the Supraphon CD of Tabor is restored. As for the performances they excel all but the very best of the more recent recordings." "

dvorak piano concerto and slavonic dances itunes

"Another well-filled Beulah Dvorák reissue brings very decent transfers of the Piano Concerto, Op.33 [38:38], with František Maxián a persuasive soloist in the Kurz revision, and the first set of Slavonic Dances, Op.46 [37:36], both with Václav Talich at the helm, dating from 1951 and 1950"

Dvorak violin concerto symphony number 7


"Reissue of the Month"

"If I hail the Monteux recording of the symphony as a very special old friend, that doesn’t mean that I’m disregarding the concerto. This Beulah reissue is good value for the Concerto and mandatory for the Symphony."

beecham conducts sibelius


"Sibelius is known to have enjoyed Beecham’s recordings of his music, eagerly anticipating forthcoming releases so that, though these reissues may not be as authoritative as those of Kajanus, they are certainly well worth preserving.

."The recording of the symphony used to be available in CD transfers from Dutton and the Beecham Trust but I can’t find either in the current catalogue. This reissue of the 1942 version, which has a strong claim still to be regarded as the benchmark, is very welcome. You wouldn’t mistake the transfer even for a mono LP, but it’s very tolerable. "

"The recordings of the Violin Concerto and the music from Scènes Historiques have also been very well transferred on Naxos Classical Archives, together with the King Christian II music. The Beulah transfers sound very acceptable for their age, though the concerto is old enough to have been first released in the UK on 78s and sometimes sounds a little brittle. The excerpts from the two sets of Scènes Historiques make up some typically affectionate Beecham lollipops."

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