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Extra Tracks

Below are tracks from our library that never made it onto one of our compact discs. They can be downloaded here as high quality 320kbs AAC encoded (MP3) files. Those originating on 78rpm discs are raw and no attempt to clean up the surface noise had been made although we have removed some loud cracks and bangs. Please note the previews are compressed files so the sound is not as good as that on the whole track.

Tracks can be downloaded from this page,
price GBP 0.50 each

Purchasers of tracks have unlimited personal use but must not pass or sell on to third parties nor broadcast without prior permission from PPL

Louis Kentner (1905-1987)

mozart piano concerto number 12
Click on image for full size printable inlay image

Download the whole concerto for GBP 1.50

" A strong, satisfying performance of one of the choicest, most highly individual concertos. It is richly recorded, in fine purity. The recording can be well recommended. Kentner is a good though not (so far as this recording shows) a superlative Mozartean. This work needs a slightly more delicate hand for the two outer movements. Its gentleness is not, I hasten to say, abused : indeed, the soloist has an affectionate finger. " Review in the Gramophone September 1940

1st movement

2nd movement

3rd movement

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