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Beulah Extra is available on CD - select Beulah Extra download tracks and have them supplied on compact disc. The limit is 75 minutes of music per disc. Each disc costs GBP11.45 post free (standard mail/airmail worldwide, signed for or registered mail will be charged extra). Allow 14 days for delivery.
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Extra Tracks

Below are tracks from our library that never made it onto one of our compact discs. They can be downloaded here as high quality 320kbs AAC encoded (MP3) files.

Purchasers of tracks have unlimted personal use but must not pass or sell on to third parties nor broadcast without prior permission from PPL

Endre Wolf (1913 - 2011)

Wolf stdied in Budapest with the great Hungarian Jenö Hubay. Asd a yound man Wolf could prctise the violin while observing his father making and repairing watches. He learned the craft so well that he could finish the work in hand during his father's final illness in the 1930s, but was denied a university place to study engineering because of limits on the number of Jewish students.

In 1936 the Hungarian police reversed their refusal of a passport to Sweden after his aunt showed them a letter of invitation from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and told them: "Here is another opportunity to get rid of a Jew." He was leader of the orchestra from 1936 to 1946, and through the second world war years gave solo and string-quartet tours throughout neutral Sweden.

Wolf made his home in Manchester as professor at the Royal Manchester (now the Royal Northern) College of Music from 1954 to 1964. In 1954, he performed the Brahms Double Concerto at a Prom with the Hallé, Barbirolli and the French cellist André Navarra. It proved a favourite work for the two string players, who gave it another four times together in the Royal Albert Hall, up to 1963.

Although he was barely 5ft tall, he had a striking presence.

brahms violin concerto
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