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Extra Tracks

Below are tracks from our library that never made it onto one of our compact discs. They can be downloaded here as high quality 320kbs AAC encoded (MP3) files. Those originating on 78rpm discs are raw and no attempt to clean up the surface noise had been made although we have removed some loud cracks and bangs. Please note the previews are compressed files so the sound is not as good as that on the whole track.

Tracks can be downloaded from this page,
price GBP 0.95 each

Purchasers of tracks have unlimted personal use but must not pass or sell on to third parties nor broadcast without prior permission from PPL

Edouard Commette (1883-1967)

Commeete wasa pupil of Widor.In 1900 Commette made his debut as organist in Lyon at the Église du Bon-Pasteur. Four years later he spent six months at the Église Saint-Polycarpe, which owns one of the loveliest organs in the city. Commette took up his post at Lyon Cathedral in 1904 and was a professor at the Lyon Conservatoire. Called "the best French organist" by the well-known music critic Emile Vuillermoz, Commette earned similar tributes from his students and listeners from all parts of the world. His 78 rpm oran records were intended for a local market: their world-wide success amazed the modest M. Commette. The organ of Lyon Cathedral was built by Daublaine and Callinet and was installed in 1841 at the end of the apse and had 15 stops. It was rebuilt in 1875 by Merklin-Schütze and given 30 stops, three keyboards of 54 notes and pedals for 27.

bach organ music
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franck piece heroique eduard commette
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" The vigorous " travelling " tune, characteristically chromatic, with which it opens, needs to stand out from its background rather more than M. Commette allows it to do : but otherwise he gives an excellent and well proportioned performance and the tone of the full organ, discreetly used, is more pleasant than usual. Diapasons and pedal reeds come out very well." Gramophone April 1939

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