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"These are careful transfers which make the most of the material, whereas I suspect that some others just stick an LP or 78s on the turntable and give us what comes out the other end. Beulah’s results are comparable with the fine transfers which Naxos Historical offer. " Brian Wilson at Music Web International

"The Beulah record label has always been one of the most idiosyncratic, and therefore perhaps most interesting, of reissue marques. While the basic character of Beulah remains the same as in its Compact Disc days, the range of its present catalogue, driven now by the ease of downloading, has been extended in remarkable fashion. Browsing the Beulah catalogue is now rather like being in a 78rpm record shop: there are plenty of recordings of short pieces available to whet your appetite for either repertoire or artist, while at the same time there are numerous full length works available if you wish to consolidate your collection with, for instance, major symphonies. All of Beulah's transfers, as might be expected of a distinguished reissue label, are of very high quality." David Patmore writing in Classical Recordings Quarterly

"Beulah releases are available from other suppliers but qobuz; offer  them  in  lossless  sound  for  the  same  price  that others charge for mp3 – in some cases that’s less than full bit-rate mp3." Brian Wilson at Music Web International 

Reviewer's Recommendations

Praise for a Beulah album. David McDade at Music Web International has listed this a recommended recording. Guido Cantelli (conductor) The Essence of Guido Cantelli - Philharmonia Orchestra rec. 1951-54 BEULAH 2PDR47 [70] [DMD] "Beulah do a magnificent job refurbishing these essential recordings."

2PDR47 The essence of  Guido Cantelli


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New for January

Releases are currently delayed due to problems with our distributor's new IT system.

Many music lovers miss the sound from vinyl pressings. Many others have yet to discover how great the sound can be. Most of our albums are mastered from vinyl LP pressings and earlier recordings (generally before 1953) from 78 rpm discs. It is our ability to recreate, in the digital age, the sound from the disc era that many of our customers find most enjoyable.

Unlike modern digital recordings tracks in our albums do contain some distortion, and the occasional surface noises, but for many listeners these "defects" are soon forgotten.

Our albums are available from many download and streaming sites.

We highly recommending streaming at qobuz where you can download or stream in high quality, for the same price as iTunes medium quality.

2PS14 Nielsen symphonies numbers 1 and 4

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Coming soon

1PDR65 Mahler Das Leid von der Erde

coming soon

1PDR66Mahler Das Leid von der Erde

coming soon

1PDR67 Mahler Das Leid von der Erde

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1PDR68 Count Baise Rock a bye baise

coming soon

1PDR69 Paul van kempen conducts Brahms and overtures

Coming soon

Thitry Years Of Beulah

To mark our thirtieth anniversary, each month we will feature here an album from our back catalogue.

The first Beulah releases centred on recordings made in London's Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace, located at the top of Sydenham Hill, had an auditorium that could seat 60,000 people and accomodtate a choir and orchestra of 3,000.

From 1900 until the building was destroyed by fire in November 1936 it was the venue for the National Brass Band Championships sponsored by railway compaines. The final event took place just a month before the fatal fire.

Hear a truncated version of the William Tell Oveture from our Brass at The Crystal Palace album.



Brass at the Crystal Palace Champions
All the brass band tracks recorded in the Crystal Palace originally relased on 1PD1 and 1PD2.

Adesta Fideles Meditation, Abide With Me, Death or Glory, Mandora March, Gleneagles March, Champion Medley Nos 1,2 and 3, May Day Revels, William Tell Overture, Sing a Song, Le  prophete Grand March, Messiah Amen, Severn Suite, Downland Suite, Kenilworth


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